Friday, September 05, 2014

venture vermont: get moving

i thought i'd drop the whole venture vermont documentation into one convenient post so it looks pretty, but the lists of documentation are starting to look like long posts, so i'll break them up and then make one indexed post to wrap it up and link all the materials.

i'm only including the items on the list that i completed. there are a lot of other things ON the list, but i'm just showing you the ones i did, organized pretty much the way they're listed on the scorecard.

get moving:

go for a bike ride in your neighborhood (10 points): this is a thing i do pretty regularly. the photo i'm using for documentation can be found in the flickr album miscellaneous vermont venture.

ride your bike on a rail trail (10): since i started the challenge, i have ridden my bike on the ashuelot rail trail (hinsdale, NH),  the mississquoi valley rail trail, the lamoille valley rail trail, the northern rail trail (grafton, NH), the island line rail trail, and the alburgh recreational rail trail. a few rail trail photos are in my flickr album rail trails, and a youtube video of the ashuelot trail can be found here.

go trail running (10): this is kind of a no-brainer. every tuesday night i run the catamount family center trail running series. matter of fact, i hold the all-time record at that venue for most consecutive last place finishes at 18 in a row, stretched over two seasons. i haven't missed a tuesday night start in a few years. i'm number 97.

go for a hike (10): oh, goodness. i lose track. there are a lot of them. but the scorecard has three sub-headings:

  • it's a trail that's new to you (5): i went for a walk on the ironwood trail at grand isle state park, where i discovered i am horribly, violently allergic to honeysuckle. there's a video of a minute on that trail here.
  • hike to a summit (5): there was more than one, but i'm going to claim glastenbury firetower in the green mountain national forest. while we're at it, i also want to claim mount ascutney, the pinnacle trail at wilgus state park, and in maine, sugarloaf, cranberry peak, and sw kennebago, which was drive until you have to bike and then two miles of hiking. in hip deep snow. in bike clothes. but i'm proud of it. i have a flickr album of those here.
  • hike to a waterfall (5): once again, i hike to a lot of waterfalls. the one i'm claiming is gerry's falls at mt. ascutney state park. (vt. state parks album)

swim or wade in a lake or stream (10): again, this is not a one-off for me. for the purposes of the challenge i'm going to claim that time in may that i jumped into lake champlain off of my dad's boat south of the crown point bridge. there's video.

climb a tree or boulder (5): it seems i'm always climbing a tree or a boulder or something, but i had a hard time picking one and getting pictures of it. i'm going to use "huge boulder and stone wall corner".

paddle a portion of the norther forest canoe trail (15): on 4 july this year the place we were going paddling just happened to have been on the NFCT so that was lucky. there's a picture at the trail box over at the flickr album.

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