Wednesday, September 17, 2014

on the porch

i'm sitting in my dad's porch recliner, enjoying his view of the lake. i have no picture for you because i am not at home.

come to think of it, i have a lot i keep meaning to tell you about, but i keep being busy going out to play doing things i mean to tell you about and on the rare rainy day i have three weeks worth of laundry and dishes to catch up on, nevermind i have to get ready to go out and play again.

it takes WORK to do all this outside playing! and i MEAN to have opinions about things but right now i'm watching a pretty purple sunset across north america's sixth largest freshwater lake.

and you know, mountains.

and recliner.

later on it will be cold and rainy and i will have time to sort out my pictures and show you.

1 comment:

cookie said...

...and a sunset can't wait. :)


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