Monday, September 08, 2014

venture vermont: reveal


use a map and compass or GPS to place yourself on a topographic map. (10 points): i totally do this every day. i had to choose one, though: crow hill, a few feet over the boundary of camel's hump state forest. N44° 19.422 W72° 55.275. it has a nice view of camel's hump.

create an emergency first aid kit for hiking of camping. send us your list of fist aid and emergency items (10): i carry emergency gear in my pack pretty much all the time. last season i updated it to include all the mandatories from the GMARA list.

Team First Aid Kit:
Each team must carry a first aid kit with at least the following items, or equivalent:
[ ] 1” bandages
[ ] 3x4” gauze pads
[ ] 2x5 yd gauze roll
[ ] 1/2” adhesive tape roll
[ ] Tweezers
[ ] Anti-bacterial creme/towlettes
[ ] Ibuprofen
[ ] Iodine tablets or other water purification system

besides the mandatories, i also include benadryl, immodium, acetominophen, my inhaler and epipen, and some other small niceties.

i will also have map tools, compasses, knives, and emergency blanket, and light sources, because you never know.

in cold weather, i will also carry extra clothing, and TWO working lighters, along with firestarter and hand warmers.

find a historical fact or story about a vermont state park and send it to us (10): it happened just this way. i was doing a geocache and found some information about the old coach road and bridle trail that used to go up camel's hump, courtesy of the recently retired forester of that parcel.

go to to find a letterbox and visit the site (10): i had to dust off my letterboing stamp, but i went to florida dolphin visits the richmond round church.

sit outside for thirty minutes and write down every sound you hear (10): i went up to the the pet cemetery in huntington, where there's a quiet corner and a nice bench.

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