Friday, September 19, 2014

stars of indiana

so today i was hanging out at the crown point historic site looking for geocaches when i happened to run into some nice people from indiana and their beautiful weimaraners and we got to talking and they offered me a sandwich since it was getting to be lunchtime.

you know how i am about sandwiches.

and how i enjoy talking to strangers.

anyway, it turns out they are on their way to pretty near where i live and like suggestions about where pretty parks and interesting things to see are and where to get a good cheeseburger and it turns out that some of the things i already love (like hubbard park!) are already on their list.

they want to know if it's worth going to the islands.

yes! yes it is, and i know where you can get good apple pie and a maple creemee while you're there.

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