Wednesday, September 24, 2014


tonight i'm going to a party, which means i have to bring something for the potluck.

tomorrow, i'm going to a PARTY, which means i have to pack camping gear, a bike, a boat, and something for the potluck. and i have to figure out how to decorate my boat for the flotilla.

and then right after i get home from that party (a three day affair), i have two days at home before i head out for the october road trip.

but i'm doing this a little differently. i have a friend who's never been to the finger lakes and it's grape season and all the years i've been going i have often thought that many of the activities would be more fun with a friend, so instead of me living alone in my car, she's paying for campgrounds and i'm being her tour guide.

museums! farmer's markets! vineyards!

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