Saturday, September 06, 2014

venture vermont: observe


find the biggest tree in a vermont state park and take a picture next to it (10 points): i figurred if i picked a smallish state park, it ought to be easy to find the biggest tree. maybe the rangers know, but i like to conduct my own investigations. i hiked the pinnacle trail (does that count as a summit? it has a sign that says "summit".) and looked all around me in the forest for big trees, measureing them by with my arms and hiking poles at chest height, which it turns out is a lot like how foresters measure trees. i found one or two with a diameter of "the distance from my fingetrtips to the forearm of the opposite arm with my arms stretched out", but none larger. the picture of the one i chose, is, of course, in the miscellaneous venture vermont album.

i thought i was going to take a walk with a forest landowner, since i happen to have a friend who is a forest landowner, but i was in downtown bethel one day and happened to be parked right next to a logging truck, so i checked off take a photo with a log truck. find out where it came from and where it's going. (10)

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