Saturday, December 26, 2015

come into my parlor

just for the record, it was a white pine that fell down on the site even though over a period of two weeks i kept calling it a red pine. i know the difference. i have no excuse.

anyway, when you go camping in the summer months or even the early fall, much less of your day goes to the work of keeping you warm and sheltered and fed. the part about fed takes more time in the cold weather, too, because you have to be more disciplined about it in the cold weather to manage your body heat and while you might just graze through your foodbag on warm days, on the cold days you have to plan ahead and make sure you have something heating so you can eat regular.

i spent a lot of time cutting wood on this site, which was, i think i mentioned, one of the reasons for being on this site.

here's a video of me in my sawing parlor.

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