Tuesday, December 15, 2015

thanksgiving feast

i told you that i was going to have an old school thanksgiving, in which i arrive by boat and eat in a temporary shelter.

it wasn't indoors grade thanksgiving dinner, but it was lovely just the same.

i bought a cooked turkey breast at the grocery, along with some stove top stuffing (which, it turns out, is quite passably edible in a pinch) and one o' them little cans of cranberry sauce and a pumpkin pie. yes, i know, a storeboughten pie, but it's perfectly edible, especially for a pie that one tosses in a duffel and transports to a campsite.

and by the way, when i bought the pie at the grocery, the bag boy put it into my bag SIDEWAYS because apparently there was a piebox-sized hole there, so of course.

well, yes, very efficient, but only in terms of grocery tetris and not so much in terms of seeing the groceries arrive home in the expected condition.

fortunately it was a hardy pie and not much damage was done.

uh, anyway. so i'd made a couple of batches of popovers to bring with me because POPOVERS and early in the day when it still felt casual, getting fed, i paused in the wood chopping to warm up some turkey in the the fire and make a bowl of that stuffing. turns out you can tear open a popover and layer the turkey and stuffing and a little cranberry right in there and make a perfectly delicious sandwich.

one might even eat such a sandwich indoors if one had table grade fixings.

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