Saturday, December 19, 2015

industrial spooling accident

ok, for a lot of reasons, i invested in a big spool of 550 paracord. you can do a lot of things with this stuff, from stringing up REALLY STRONG ridgelines for your camp to making cute little holders and things, and i got it into my head that later this year i want to make myself a hammock because THAT would be lovely for reading in by the waterside.

you need a lot of cord for it, and you potentially need a lot of cord for the other projects you may make while you're practicing how to work with paracord. a 50 foot hank is five dollars, and a 1000 foot spool is about forty dollars. you do the math.

the thing about a spool, though, is that it's designed for you to be able to roll the cord off of it easily from the outside.

but when in an unfortunate accident the end comes off a spool and you now have unrolled cord from and end, you are basically screwed.

you're in for a lot of hours detangling. you just are.

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