Wednesday, December 02, 2015

so this happened in my house...

i had a houseguest for a couple of days.

the first night MS17 was here, i got her all set up on the sofa with pillows and blankets and such and i headed upstairs.

i hadn't but brushed my teeth when i heard her ask up "uh... do you have paper towels or paper napkins or something?"

so i was on my way back downstairs and she said "because there's some kind of bug in the sleeping area."

"oh, is that hernando? does he have five legs?"
"it has a lot of legs."
"it's probably hernando."
"he's kind of staying here for the winter."
"oh. i didn't realize he was a friend of yours. can you maybe...?"
"is it ok with you if i just relocate him to the dining room?"

the dining room is two rooms away. i also don't tell her that the dining room is close enough for him to find his way back to where he likes, which is the window by the sofa.

"nando? come on, nando." and he climbs onto my hand and i put him into the dining room.

he's one of these, by the way.


Zhoen said...

A guest must be respectful of roommates.

Cookie said...

I love creepy crawlies.


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