Sunday, December 27, 2015

how it went

so my mom went to albany to be with the misses kay and ajax and then came home and made the HUGE TURKEY DINNER.

wow. all told, there were twelve of us at table, and everything was delicious and -get-this- i got sent home with the majority of the leftovers. i just happened to have had brought a big honkin' chest cooler with me, so i was all set for bringing the food home.

why, yes, the chest cooler was a perfectly normal thing to have brought, because some of the gifts i came in the door with were frozen. about a chest cooler's worth of them to be accurate. 

so i just HAPPENED to have had an empty chest cooler in which to bring back the leftovers.

i'm gonna make me some casseroles.

yeah, BABY!


Kristin @ Going Country said...

It was Meant To Be. Congratulations.

Cookie said...

nothing better than a serendipitous feast!


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