Wednesday, May 23, 2012

get the white bean

so yesterday afternoon i left home again and on the road at dinnertime i was looking for a joint where i could get some local food and i'd have settled for a hot dog, but over on the new york side of the lake the towns are small and there are a lot of burned out shells because it's a very economically depressed area.

but i was coming into keene and passed this little place called the A.D.K. cafe and i might could have passed it right by, but i noticed that the parking there is jammed and all the places around it have private property no parking signs so that's an indicator of how much people go there.

so i found a parking place and i walked in and they have take out and i maybe looked at the menu for two seconds but then asked the server "if i'm only ever going to get one sandwich here in my whole life, what should i get?" and without thinking for even a second she tells me to get the white bean sandwich.

"ok, i'll have that."

so that's what i got. you can look at the menu at the link if you want. that thing was so good you could have dreams about it. and it was beautiful, even packed for takeout. and everybody there was very kind and i left feeling happy.


Ganesha said...

I wonder if the sandwich you had was made of something similar to this? I make a modified version of this recipe frequently:

flask said...

ganesha, i will look into that.


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