Saturday, May 19, 2012

kissing them on the lips

my friend crashco says we should not just face our fears, but run up and kiss them on the lips.

and you already know my list of fears and that i thought it would be a good idea to challenge some of them.

last year i heard of the geocache desbsconeag ice cave. it was on my map and it sounded way too scary, way too undoable for me. too strenuous of a walk (i was in worse shape than i am even now) too underground-y, not for people traveling alone, too dangerous, too complicated.

but it was working on me and i thought that it sounded very, very cool, and maybe i could just go have a look and see what i could do instead of deciding beforehand what i couldn't do and i decided to check it out but found the road to be flooded and that scrapped my plans.

i don't write much here about my geocache adventures, because i write my geocache adventures in my geocaching logs mostly, which end up being sort of a blog about what i did while geocaching, but all the entries are attached to locations and when you look at a page you are seeing the story of a place and not of one person.

it is helpful to remember that stories come in webs; there is the web of my stories that intersect with the web of stories of places that intersect with the stories of items that move from place to place and, well, you get the idea.

so i got into millinocket and i got to the library and rad everything i could find online about the ice caves, mostly trail articles and the odd newspaper "things to do you hadn't thought of" piece, but there was enough information for me to feel all right about going.

so i did.

i'll be telling that story by-and-by through the geocache logs (which you are welcome to read if you have that kind of time), but in the meantime i want to post a couple photos and a video here.


Zhoen said...

herhimnbryn sent me this, you might find it apropos.

Anonymous said...

You were very brave to do that and thank you for sharing the experience.


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