Tuesday, May 22, 2012

poster art

by the time you read this, i will have left home again and come home again. so good morning from my time warp.

to complicate the temporal confusion, yesterday (that is, the yesterday of when i was writing this) i was going through my pictures that i meant to show you because they were buried in pictures for some of my geocaching logs that i'm only getting around to now and instead of keeping them buried, i thought i'd dust them off, process them, and bring them to light.

last fall connie asked me to make some posters for the tribute tent at out local ALS walk. this isn't a surprise; it's kind of what i do to help.

so here are some pictures of the work on the posters. connie wanted a welcome poster in the style of a set of panels i made a while ago, and she wanted a photocollage of last year's walk (two panels) and a poster with the team names on it.

these are only pictures of the works in progress; of course i have NO pictures of the finished posters.

in the end the welcome poster has text on it that says "welcome to the tribute tent" (no shocker there), the photocollages end up with a little rectangle on each with the walk title and date, framed, and over ALL THOSE INDIVIDUAL NAMES i wrote in silver ink, kind of disappearing, the names of the teams. for the header and footer, in the empty space, i printed in black block letters:



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