Friday, May 11, 2012

northland cash supply

all right, now that the cat's out of the bag i may as well tell you that i'm writing to you from a parking lot in maine, and i won't pretend you're reading it in MY present, because i know darn well that i have scheduled this thing to run a little over a week from now, which a) gives me a little cushion on the road in case i have a day or six in which i cannot blog, and b) it nicely fulfills my requirement that when i am on the road i do not tell anybody where i am.

so i'm in stratton, maine and yesterday and today i did a little shopping at fotter's market, because if you can't get everything you need there, you can get everything you need to improvise with until you can get what you need.

and i needed a pizza last night, so i went to northland cash supply and general store across the street and ordered me the veggie pizza, and the guy made it and when i went to pick it up, he said "this is going to be  a GOOD pizza" which i thought wasn't really necessary because a 16 inch pie for under twelve dollars doesn't have to be that good a pizza for me to be happy with it.

but he was right. it is a good pizza. it is so good a pizza that i ate four slices of it, which was more than i could comfortably eat, but is was SO GOOD!

i'm not sure yet what i'm doing today, but i'm pretty sure it involves the study of some maps.

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Zhoen said...

Greetings from this leg of the Pants of Time.


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