Thursday, May 31, 2012

month of MAYhem™ is now over

did you do the Month of MAYhem™ blogging challenge?

i didn't. i write whatever i feel like writing here and don't give a fig for following some rules about what to write, even if i made up all the rules myself.

and quite frankly, if i have so little to say that i need to rely on a writing prompt in order to make an entry, i'm better off spending my time doing something else.

but awards were given out! oh, yes they were. i saw a lot of little awards with rules attached given out, and some weren't even given. some were simply left out on the doorstep with instructions to take it if you wanted the award, THAT'S how prestigious those prizes are.

everyone whose feelings would be hurt if they didn't get the prize is hereby awarded it. or everyone who is not feeling validated today.

maybe i will make a spiffy web award for that:

the you-do-not-seem-to-feel-validated-without-awards-and-i-wouldn't-want-you-to-feel-underappreciated award.

would you accept it if i gave it to you? and post it on your blog?

i dare you.

i double dare you.

anyway, i am in favor of mayhem.

a few years ago i wrote this piece on basically that very topic, and with a few edits it works as a very lovely piece read out loud. stand up in church sunday and read it to your congregation.

i double dog dare you.

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