Friday, May 04, 2012

still in the closet

i had a leak in my roof.

no, i don't know when it started, but over time i began to notice the sound of dripping, but only in my living room, which is on the first floor.

i looked in my closet, which is above the place where i heard the dripping, but didn't hear or see anything.

after a long time of doubting my sanity on this issue, i finally began to see watermarks. first in the living room, then in the closet.

after a LOT of testing and checking, uli was able to find the source of the leak and he's been working on fixing it. so far there is only a little moisture being wicked in by the chimney, and we're keeping our fingers crossed.

but there's a good deal of water damage to the ceiling in both the livingroom and my closet, so uli has been here to start off the work in the closet, and while he was up there he discovered that when i had lights installed over my bed, the incompetent workmen (who also stole some things) moved my insulation to install the lights but didn't bother to put any back, which is why my bedroom has felt so blasted cold.

so. fix roof, fix ceiling, change out light not to code, put things back to right.

this means also sanding off the dreadful popcorn ceilings, at least in the closet and the livingroom.

because you can't just have one corner of a room without.

uli is very patient with me and tolerates a lot of general picture taking, even stopping once or twice to tell me that if i was taking pictures, now would be a good time.

expensive, yes.

cool to look at, you bet!

and my heating bills will go down.

...i hope.

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