Friday, May 25, 2012

kickerville station

ok, ok.

i have just eaten a very good veggie panini from -wait for it- kickerville station.  i got here and i thought "what kind of a goofy name is that?" but apparently they didn't make it up. it's at the corner of kickerville road.

ok, fine. so i'm in long lake, which is not where i was heading but it's where i ended up and if you've ever been to long lake, you know that it is mostly a summer town.

it is not summer yet.

but the kickerville mobil and the stewart's are open year round, and they sell real groceries there. and at kickerville, the have an open wifi network which makes me so happy that i am spending all my money here.

this is where i'm buying my supplies.

and they make a decent sandwich.

last night i was here to get some water and use the bathroom and there was a couple sitting out front with their hotrod modded '27 t-bucket. which means it used to be a model t.

and it's a super awesome eggplant purple with shiny chrome and stuff and it weighs 1600 pounds and pulls 400 horse. and it runs dirt track tires on the rear, so in second gear the front wheels lift right up.

and i'm standing there talking with the people (who know EVERYONE in town) and the guy asks me if i want a ride.

well, of course i do.

and  tonight i was waiting for my sandwich to be made and ruthie had just left leaving only the one guy in the store when a whole busload of kids pulls up and food items are FLYING off the shelves and one of the local guys called dave and he sent ruthie back in which was too bad since she'd only left two minutes before but at least she hadn't settled in.

local guy and i said we didn't mind waiting for our sandwiches.

the kids were coming from paul smiths  (which is a town as well as a college located in that town); apparently there's a statewide boces competition for conservation skills and i didn't catch all of what the events were, but i did understand there was a chainsaw event.

never a dull moment.

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