Wednesday, May 09, 2012


i went down into richmond first thing in the morning to get a haircut. it is my usual haircut with the clippers, but i put it off until just before i left for my trip, because nothing beats a shaved head when you're living in your car.

and while i was there a guy came in looking to buy some product. apparently the day before or maybe last friday he'd been in to get a haircut and he didn't know what they'd put in his hair, but he wanted to buy some of it.

they figured it out.

"you liked it?" they asked him.
"my wife did." he said, with the look of a man who has seen God.
"well, then. you want some more of THAT." we all said.


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

now that's funny.

Zhoen said...

When I shaved my head for a few years, the people at work often asked me, "What does your husband thinK?" Well, he didn't care, it was my hair and I could do as I liked as far as he was concerned. But he suggested I answer them, looking quizzical, "I don't know, should I ask him?"


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