Wednesday, May 02, 2012

summary of a blog

first off, i am not linking you to it. i read it because it's a train wreck, and i don't want to encourage it.

but i have been reading it for a couple of years. i drew some conclusions about what the writer's life had in store and hung around mostly to see if it's going to be as miserable as all that.

but i'm going to summarize a number of the posts and the general arc for you.

i'm a skinny little white girl from the midwest, but really under the skin i am black. black people are my people and because i speak spanish passably well, i think i'm hispanic too.

i am a reasonably competent musician but sabotage my work by alternating periods of creativity with periods of missing appointments and leaving my partner to fend for himself.

i use a lot of drugs.

i have a new girlfriend. we have sex a lot.

my girlfriend thinks i use too many drugs. i'm not sure she really loves me.

i have a job as a tutor and have a special relationship with my students. i'm not like other teachers. i really GET the kids.

my therapist thinks i use too many drugs. i am going to fire her.

here is my poetry. i am the best poet in the world.

people don't really like me.

the secret to a lasting relationship is to be very hot and to have a lot of sex.

i love my job so much because i am special and kids really want to learn because i have a personal relationship with them.

my new therapist thinks i use too many drugs. i will fire her, too.

my dream job is to work as a teacher in the public schools. the world will notice how special i am.

i got caught trying to shoplift and i am outraged because the store asked me to leave instead of letting me pay for the item. it is inconvenient to have to make a second trip to buy it later.

here is a draft of the last paper i wrote. i like to talk about racism.

my sister was embarrassed that i was shoplifting while out with her. i am not talking to her anymore.

i am surprised that a student i tutor would take advantage of me. i have such a special relationship with them.

here is a picture of me when i'm high.

i never have enough money to pay my bills.

everyone who thinks i need to use fewer drugs just hates me and doesn't want me to succeed.

i am angry that i am being sued for unpaid debts. 

the only reason i am being held back from success is racism. i am oppressed.

why are people judging me? 

racism is also the cause of schizophrenia. 

i am confused. people are following my blog, but nobody comments.  i think this carries a secret dark meaning.

i have finally gotten a position as a student teacher in a public school. now i will make people take notice of how special i am!

i share personal information with students and am reprimanded. it is unfair for people to judge my style. i am creating rapport.

here is a video of me while i'm high.

i have been informed that i am not going to be hired to teach full-time in this district. their loss. i will focus my attention on charter and magnet schools, because i am special and better schools will appreciate me.

i am angry that you are judging me. i judge you right back.

you'll see.

i am the world's best poet.


Zhoen said...

Oh, my. In my world, that would be called a "train wreck."

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

It's sad,scary and yet fascinating
I don't think that I could read this for long, it would make me feel bad... like I am watching her hurt herself.
Wow is all I can say.


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