Monday, June 18, 2012


typically my blood pressure runs at high teens over high seventies. you know, like 117/78.

and these past few months i have felt as if my blood pressure is high, but since i've never had high blood pressure, i could only guess.

and then a few weeks ago i was at my doctor's office for a prescription refill and she took my blood pressure and said "wow. that's a little high" wherein "a little high" means "i''d like to check it again later in the visit, have you drop by the lab for a panel of tests and i'd like to to monitor your blood pressure and i'll see you for a follow-up in six weeks."

i dont remember exactly what it was, but it was in the neighborhood of 160/100.

so the next time i was at the pharmacy, i used the machine thingy, and i've lost the little slip of paper where it wrote it down, but it was still high.

and then the next time it was only one-forty-something over ninety-something, which was good, because i was feeling better and last night i felt like it was THROUGH THE ROOF but i wasn't near a sphygmo-thingy (i know how to spell it but i'm too damn lazy and i like the way "sphygmo-thingy" sounds anyway, so that's gonna be my term), so i wasn't able to check, but today after my bike ride and feeling much more relaxed and calmed down and all done shopping for my groceries i checked while i was at the pharmacy, and while it's not as high as it was, it was still kind of "wow. that's a little high".


crap. that's what it's gonna be when i'm feeling good?

what was it last night, i wonder?

'coz i felt like my brain was gonna 'splode.


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

and you're going to the doctor next right?

Zhoen said...

Yeah, get that taken care of. Not to be messed with.

I just call it a BP cuff. And I can roll sphygmomanometer right off my tongue. But really, why bother?


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