Saturday, June 30, 2012

how to spot moose

you can't.

that dark spot in front of you where you can't see the road and you can't see anything else? that big thing that looks like the outline of a shadow?

and you're looking for the outline of a deer because you thought you saw something move?

slow down. that's the moose.

a moose is an oddly non-reflective animal. when what you see in the road ahead of you is a shadow and your brights won't penetrate it, you are looking directly at the moose.

see how the large invisible area moves off into the woods? and you still can't see it, but as it moves away, you begin to see the road and the outlines of other things?

you might think it's a rupture in space/time, a place where there is nothing, not even light, a dark spot passing over the earth.

but it's not. it's a moose. it is crossing the road to drink. you would be wise to let it pass.

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