Friday, June 08, 2012

must be something in the water

i drink mostly out of a sigg water bottle. i used to drink out of a plastic water bottle that i just kept refilling with tap water until it began to leak, which took about two years and that thing looked NASTY so by way of bribery toward weaning me of that habit my mom bought me some very nice sigg bottles.

i love them.

anyway, i was filling one of mine before bed the other night and an icky-lookin' pale blue thing floated to the top and although my first thought was "uh-oh, that doesn't look good", my immediate next thought was "better get my camera".

because, you know, if i've been drinking out of a bottle witha slimy blue thing in it, i better get pictures.

turns out it was an omeprazole capsule, and thinking back to when i COULD have lost it in the water bottle, it had been hanging out in there unnoticed for four days.

i fished it out not yet knowing what it was an admired its goopiness and of course took pictures to share with you.

...because i'm sweet that way.


Zhoen said...

Eh. A little prilosec won't kill you.

flask said...

'course it won't kill me! if it was in my water bottle the only way it got there is it escaped me when i was taking the evening dose, so even if that capsule HAD dissolved enough to release the med into the water, i'd still be short most of a dose.

least that's the way i figger it.


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