Tuesday, June 19, 2012

power tools

today i kinda felt bad when i woke up, but decided to go with the group from my church to do flood relief.

i haven't done any of that work since i came home from wilmington last october with the chest infection, and rebuilding has a very different emotional dynamic than demolition.

i think i STILL have not processed the pictures or told you about the week in wilmington, so if you're scratching you head trying to remember when you read about that, i'm afraid it is squarely my fault in the (not) telling.

honest, as i get caught up bit by bit i'll get to those pictures and videos and i'll tell you about it.

anyway, today we worked on building some steps and preparing the front of a house for siding.

i spent most of the day hauling, measuring and cutting old balusters that the homeowner got on craigslist for use on the new deck.

and i took some pictures, which i will organize and assemble, but for now, a few images of the day.

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Laura said...


I think what youre doing is very admirable.

Thank you for stopping by my blog....and thanks for the kind words.

"Life's A Beach"


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