Thursday, June 07, 2012

pinhole transit

tuesday was the big transit of venus.

here's my shoebox.
i made a little pinhole viewer.

well, two actually. i made one to leave at the church on my way by since cr had a meeting there and i took one to my race venue.

pinhole and eyehole
it's pretty cool, actually. it's a tiny little image, but it's there all the same and you really can look at the sun with it. you can project anything else, if you have enough light.

i took a basic shoebox and put a little hole in one side of the end. i would have cut a larger hoe in the other side of the same end, but there was already a convenient one in the box.

i taped white paper to the far end on the inside to serve as the projection screen and taped up the box to keep out the extra light.

white paper taped to back
of course the duct tape i have at my house is red, because of these.

taped to block extra light

self-portrait thorough viewer
trees and clouds

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