Friday, June 01, 2012


the big news, i guess, is that after all that dithering i have moved my website.

it still looks a lot like it always did, only now it's on a different server and has a shiny new address. neither of you would notice that, since if you ever go there from here, chances are you travel by link and that's that.

over time i hope to get it cleaned up as i learn coding, but you wouldn't notice that much either since i want it to look pretty much the way it does now, but run on cleaner code.

sure, there will be a few cosmetic details changed, but it will still be pretty much the same.

as for blogger, i'm keeping it. i could put my blog on my own server, but it works just fine here. i see a lot of things in people's blogs about the dashboard and how hard it is to use, but i keep thinking: what? are we looking at the same dashboard? "coz mine looks clean and simple, but then again i'm not messing with the goofy dynamic views.

and the awesome thing about blogger is that if you can do a little coding, you can get under the hood and make things that already exist work the way you want them to. do you ever look at a template and think it would be perfect for you if only it had a thing that did this, and if it got rid of that one goofy-looking thing?

well, blogger lets you go in there and customize things, although they don't make any promises if you break something the site needs to run it, and they sure don't care if your third party template breaks on you, but you can get pretty crafty if you have some basic skills.

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