Friday, June 15, 2012

images from glitch

i hope you will both forgive me, but i'm going to write a couple of posts about the game i'm playing online.

i've spoken of it before and neither of you understands what the point of it is, but it's a very nice little open-ended MMO sans PVP combat, plus it is a very pretty clever little world to explore, so i like it.

in recent developments we all have new houses, and our old houses disappeared, which is a thing i'm a little ambivalent about. i love the customization of the new house, but i liked having had to work to buy my old house and i liked that it was in a place in the world; new houses exist in some other plane that don't seem to have actual locations, so there's no real neighborhood anymore.

still, i will always live in groddle meadow in my heart.

but i thought i'd show you some of the pictures:

farewell, groddle meadow home.

my new home, with moving box
moving day
what a mess!

just unpacked my pumpkins.
package delivery at my house.

estevan meadows, 5100 block after the great housing decay
my house at zilleoween, year 22

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