Monday, June 04, 2012

morning in the children's garden

by daylight i had a better look at the gardens and was unable to walk the labyrinth because the daffodils that marked the path had not sufficiently sprouted to give me confidence that i could find my way and not crush new shoots, so i let it be.

i went to find some geocaches and then thought i'd have a little lunch and do some light shopping.

then i went up to look at the sod labyrinth at foundation of light, but i was having trouble finding the path. ordinarily when i am in a labyrinth i consider whatever happens to be the thing that is supposed to happen, so it's not like me to try too hard to force a thing like that, but at my church we were  doing a study of labyrinths and i felt it was sort of like doing my homework.

i have been having trouble finding my path of late, and that failure reflected in the labyrinth was no huge surprise.

yet because of the study group i wanted to sort the thing out, and i remembered that i had in my car a book about labyrinths, with an 11 circuit labyrinth on the cover that i might use for a map.

and returning from the car, there were people at the nearby stone circle, as i came up the walk.

"hello", the man said, and he told me his name. i said hello. "i built this", he said. "back in 1972 and then again 20 years later."

and he told the story of how as a five year old he had been part of the group that had made the original stone circle at this spot and then how they came back to update it with more monolithic stones taken from the quarry uspstreet.

it was fascinating.

i described my problem with the labyrinth and with my path of late and they were very kind and gentle.

we talked of rocks and the quarry and paths and cameras and we looked each of the rocks in the ring in some detail and went our separate ways.

i found a few geocaches after that, played eight holes of disc golf, and went to get dinner before washing up for the concert.

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