Sunday, June 03, 2012

in the place of my misspent youth

it's june now, but i'm going back through my photos and such to catch up on my geocaching logs and also to pick out the things i was going to tell you about before and since neither of you read me for current events (i hope), it won't matter a lick of difference whether i did this thing yesterday or four months ago.

in march time came for me to go to the home concert of the IC choir, but i maybe wasn't going to go. i mentioned the concert here in case you want to review.

i wrote to larry and told him i maybe wasn't going to go, and he wrote back right away saying he hoped i would. i have been to the home concert every year i am able since 1984 and this is the last one ever.

next year larry is retiring and instead of the home concert they're having a little do at lincoln center.

but really, if larry hopes i will come to a thing, i pack my bags and i go.

so i did.

i told you that on that day my car turned 100,000 miles.

and the evening went without incident. i got into ithaca just before sundown on a friday night in spring and if coming into your old college town on a friday night in spring doesn't fill you with nostalgia, nothing will.

but friday was my day to run, and having driven most of the day, running wasn't such a bad idea. so i went down to the octopus, out to cass park and found a reasonable looking parking lot and ran a long loop along the lakeshore and back on the inland side of the park and i was coming around a corner in the dark when a monstrous, lizardlike face loomed huge and suddenly out of the light mist and darkness; now-you-don't-see-it, now-you-DO.


it is, of course, the giant snapping turtle sculpture at the ithaca children's garden.

and i thought i'd come back in the morning to look, and then i came across a thing that in the darkness looked like the outline of maybe a traditional eleven-circuit labyrinth, but in the dark and the path outlined just by sprouting flowers i didn't want to mess with that.

so fer sure i'm coming back in the morning.

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