Saturday, September 22, 2012

wrapping it up.

ok, so this is my last post (i think) about last week's trip to maine.

peg, i hope you're enjoying these because i took some of these pictures just for you.

for those of you who just came in or whose of you who don't read peg's blog (are there people who don't read peg's blog?)

but anyway, peg was saying last week that she was thinking about how much she wanted to go to maine in the fall and i was a tease and wrote in to say "hello. i'm on vacation in maine."

while i was teasing, though, i took some nice pictures for her.

"peg will really like this one", i would say, snapping a picture.

granted, i take pictures anyway, but peg had said the thing about wishing to see pretty maine views, so i was thinking about that some of the time.

...all of which is probably wayyyy more words than i need to say "here are the rest of my pictures from maine. i hope you like them."

you can find the gallery of them here. go look, why dontcha?

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