Saturday, September 15, 2012

important news you may not know.

transfer station decals are available at the police department.

outdoor burning is prohibited without a permit.

file of life refrigerator magnets are available from the fire chief.

there are vacancies on the planning board.

you need a permit to hold a yard sale.

harbormaster's phone number: 646.2136

rotary club meets noon on wednesdays.

only dial 911 in case of emergency.

all honorably discharged veterans are entitled to full military honors at burial.

rosh hashanah services are being held monday september 17th at jonathan's restaurant.

the baptist church will be reading "the story", selected passages from the bible arranged to read like a novel.

you may not ride your pony or horse in the ogunquit estuary area, not ever.

wifi is now available at the library.

all you can eat pancake breakfast $5 every saturday to benefit the senior center.

the parks and recreation department is seeking instructors and ideas for classes to teach to the community.

the town office is open nine to five monday to friday.

the chamber of commerce board of directors is seeking nominations for citizen of the year.

use and sale of consumer fireworks is prohibited within town limits.

if smoke from your wood fire is impeding your neighbor's ability to enjoy their own property, it is considered a "nuisance"

next month is dogtober.

i LOVE this channel. the default channel when you turn on the tv in our room is the community announcements channel, with pretty local scenery pictures and crappy elevator music.

we have been watching this channel nonstop in our room for the last half hour. we are mostly watching it because i am insisting that it is most excellent.

"i LOVE this channel", i say, every two minutes.

"what are you writing about?" my friend asks.

i read her the post so far. when it get to the part about "we have been watching this channel", she explodes laughing.

"WE???" she says, with some indignation.

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