Thursday, September 06, 2012

sound bite from the DNC

i heard a scary quote from the democratic convention. do radio reporters just go and look for the biggest asses who haven't been tied up and locked in a broom closet?

so anyway, there was this show and a reporter and some commentators, one from the republicans and one from the democrats because it's THAT kind of show where they talk about stuff civilly.

and they get this guy -presumably a white guy- who gets on to complain that the democratic convention is all fine and dandy and he loves what the party stands for, but he just wishes that he felt more "included" and that there were more people at the convention who "look like me".

i'm not kidding. a white guy was complaining that there weren't enough white guys. AT A DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL CONVENTION.

and both commentators, the republican and the democrat, bless their hearts, laughed right out loud and said there was no need to worry that white guys had suddenly become irrelevant to the discussion, and that they had not, in fact, lost their standing or voice and were not in danger of being pushed out of the decision making process.

it's sad when you need to fall back on exclusive control in order to feel comfortable letting people traditionally marginalized have any voice at all.

i guess what the guy is saying is that it's all right to let the coloreds and such feel better about themselves or something as long as they don't get all uppity and expect to be part of the conversation.

i'm sorry, but if a full 70% of the people there aren't white guys, that is not a true representation of the US citizenry.

to match the US demographic at large, half of the people there should be women. thirty percent ought to belong to a "racial minority".

does the convention floor look like that?

how about the delegates? the speakers? the policymakers?

when we can look at a national convention or our legislatures and see a rough equivalent representation of the population, we'll have something closer to equality.

you can bet on it.

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Zhoen said...

Dog whistle racism. Although I prefer Pig Latin bigotry.


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