Tuesday, September 04, 2012

flapping and fussing.

here is a video of lisanh's toulouse geese in a kiddie pool.

they are lovely gentle geese and not, as some people call geese in general, "hose-necked bastards".

i was getting ready to post the video and i thought of this poem i wrote long ago, about some other geese:

he's there when the ice cracks
and every little streamlet rolls
and heads of newborn grass poke through
and the grass grows tall and taller
and gets mown down and the hayloft fills
and corn is planted and it bows down

they are a pair, these two-
they tend their nest as the season turns
the barnyard goose with the yellow feet
and the canada goose handsome and proud

and later when the corn is cut
there are little ones who must be taught
to flap and fuss and take the sky
brown and white all to their ways
go flying over stubble fields
where frost comes down and summer yields
and he remembers other days and only he knows
why he came
or why he stays.

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