Friday, September 21, 2012

footbridge drawbridge

last week when we were in ogunquit, we happened to be on the perkins cove footbridge as a tall boat was coming up the inlet, which means that the drawbridge had to be raised and so there were a handful of us tourists wondering who was going to raise the bridge.

the buttons to operate it seemed simple enough, but there was a sign that said something along the lines of


so we weren't sure if just any adult was authorized, or that they were being doubly clear no children.

the one thing we were sure of was that we should get off or the moving part of the bridge, so we did.

and then we stood around wondering out loud if we should press the buttons but then a guy crossing from the other side who seemed to know what he was doing came and took care of it with plenty of time to spare.

it turns out that it is customary for any adults who happen to be handy to press the button, and it is expected so that nobody from the boat has to climb out and do it themselves.

now we know.

here's my video of it.

it made me think of another day, far away, and on a lock, not a drawbridge, but there was a box and some buttons and it had to do with boats.

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