Sunday, September 16, 2012

no, not sweathogs.

stream of consciousness.

i was saddened by the death earlier this year of ron pallilo which doesn't really have anything to do with today's post except my mind went there.

yesterday afternoon barb and i wandered into old orchard beach for no particular reason and we were out wading on the sand bar and there was this guy out there digging clams.

now, my first memory of clams was wayyyyyyy back in my childhood when we went clamming off of fire island and took those little guys home and right into the steamer and they were one of the best things i'd ever tasted in  my little life.

barb never saw clams being dug, though, so i asked the guy if he wouldn't mind me taking some pictures and probably i wouldn't strictly need to ask permission to take pictures of his clams or holes, but when you see people doing interesting things and ask if you can take pictures, often they will show you the most interesting bits and tell you a story to boot.

and while we were talking, one of his quahogs tried to escape.

here's a short video.


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