Monday, September 10, 2012

doug's little machines

i think i mentioned a couple of weeks ago that i had been to a party and seen some interesting things. i also said that i was too tired to show you the pictures and you can go back and read that post if you want, but it's not very exciting so i'm not even going to give you the link.

it was the end of season party at catamount. we're not done riding there, but the xc mountain bike race season is over, so that's what the party was about.

one of doug's monkeypuzzles 
don't be sad, though, catamount fans, because the tuesday night running season still has another week on it and the cyclocross season is only just getting underway. plus the trails are really nice and there's still a lot of riding left.

our friend doug (who also built the awesome orthoses i wear that make walking bearable now)-
the larger engine

uh, anyway, doug was there and he brought some things for show and tell. he's a hobby machinist, and a skilled one at that. he brought two of his little motors and a few monkey puzzles that he made.

most days i consider the day to be a success if i have seen something interesting. maybe it's a low threshold for the judging of success, but if i have seen an interesting thing and gotten to take pictures of it i call it a pretty good day.

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