Tuesday, September 18, 2012

mr. toad's wild ride

well. THAT was interesting. tonight was the last tuesday night trail run of the catamount season. the weather here was hella rainy and hella windy all day and it was comparatively calm at the venue when we started, but by the time i got around the corner of sandman's the wind had REALLY picked up and i wasn't watching the trail. i was watching the treetops, which were blowing like daisies in a meadow. i didn't even bother to notice the twigs and bunches of leaves coming down like confetti, but the cracking and crashing all around me was alarming. i only SAW a few branches of four or five inches diameter come down near me, but i heard some things a great deal bigger come down off to the sides. and most of the time in woods there are "leaners"; trees that have already come down but are hung up on other trees and haven't fallen all the way yet. out on the backside of sandman's there were a lot of leaners hanging up in the branches that are now leaning on the ground but not fallen all the way. i was still on the wrong side of those guys when the wind picked up again and i ran. like. hell. i got out ok, but i was pretty jumpy and i don't think i've ever run that fast. in other news, i am only getting angrier and angrier. the Very Bad Thing is hanging heavy on my soul, and i do not care what damage gets done because it's time for a LOT of truth telling.

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