Sunday, September 02, 2012

more farm fun

if you're following along, you know that in the past couple of years i have taken to only buying eggs from people who keep chickens.

so i've written about eggs before.

anyway, we were putting up the tent at lisanh's farm and alla sudden gaela was eating an egg.

gaela and the egg
the nest

...which means that she had found a nest.

...which means that lisa does not have to go looking for the eggs. when the move is farther along, there will be a coop, but not yet.

so it's helpful if a dog hunts out the nests. it's only fair then to share the eggs with the dog as a
finder's fee. the dog got two, and i got the rest.

they are delicious.

the turkeys look at my stuff

1 comment:

Zhoen said...

There really is no comparison between eggs from happy chickens, and the cheapo ones from the megamart.


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