Wednesday, September 19, 2012

trail survey

after yesterday's storm i went out and rode all the woodside lowland trails. the woodside at catamount has the flat part i call the lowland and it has the bumpy part that goes UP THE HILL. it's a biggish hill. someday i'll probably show you a topo map. everything east of the powerlines goes up or down the hill.

but west of the powerlines it's mostly flat and the one hill is small and there are some technical bits but mostly it's easy rolling and it's my favorite part of the place.

and last night in the storm i heard some big thing come down, but not too close to me so i went out today to do a survey of those trails and found five blowdowns on the trails. from the placement of one, i'm pretty sure i heard it come down. and yeah, it was right where it would have been if it was that big noise i heard over my left shoulder and not close enough for it to hit me or even come close, but they'll need a chainsaw to clear it and a thing that big makes a good amount of noise even if you're not underneath it.

i have a picture, but i;m on the sofa now. in my pjs. i;m not going upstairs to load it onto my machine.

so just imagine: a tall tree falls in the woods. here by me, there's a long trunk. over there are some branches.

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