Saturday, September 29, 2012

vote count

mostly i'm just depressed about politics.

i;m depressed about a world in which the very wealthy and large corporations exploit everyone else and capitalize on both fear and nationalism, which is also based on fear.

i am depressed about news that politely ignores its sponsors.

when i hear reporting on politics, the first question i have is: who benefits from this? where is the money? why are people appearing to vote against their own interests? who really represents MY interests?

but i love sites like polifact.

i love them because not only will they acknowledge their bias, but they will make transparent their sources and their income sources and just give you the information and let you think for yourself.

a lot of the time even the reports of who's ahead in the polls gets spun so i don't know what to think, but i like this site, because they just collect the data for you and explain the methodolgy and even though i know the guy behind it has a liberal bias, he pretty much keeps to the facts because information is power, even when it's information you don't like.

Click for

in election years i just keep that page open in my browser and look at it every day, because even if things are going badly, i feel a littel better because i at least know what's going on.

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