Thursday, February 14, 2013

depot deer

it's a good thing neither of you reads me for any sense of temporal continuity, because i skip around a lot.

i am, however, cleaning up a lot of the photos and videos i took in october.

on one of those days near the end of the road trip i was looking at the quality of light and thinking that if i went just then, i'd get up to the seneca falls depot just in time to see the deer at sundown.

sunrise and sunset are very good times for deer activity, but also if you catch the white deer in a good sunset, they are fiery and red which makes it even cooler than just plain seeing them, which is pretty cool already.

sadly, there was no red sunset, but there was some good deer viewing.

we managed to see a white buck bump antlers with a brown one, but they quit fighting before i had my camera going  and those boys prefer not to do a lot of antler fighting if they can help it.

antler fighting is dangerous business and you only want to do as much of it as you have to to assert dominance, so a few bad stares and a little head butting is usually all they have do in order to know who would win in a real fight.

sometimes a ballsy young buck will insist on a real fight, but mostly everyone knows herd order already.

so here's the video of those two boys, and another video where i was trying to get a shot of the white buck but a brown one came waltzing into the shot big as day.

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