Sunday, February 03, 2013

golf and fall planting

i am all caught up not in my geocache logs to october 19, which means i'm looking at october 20 which according to the record was a day of a few different activities.

apparently in the morning i went to find a geocache that was near where i woke up and then i remember going in pretty urgent search of a restroom, and no, there aren't pictures of that.

you're welcome.

then apparently -(i am judging by the photographs i took because quite frankly i rely on notes and pictures to tell me where i have been)- apparently i went up east hill a ways to play disc golf at a course behind a school which is thoroughly unremarkable except for the pretty views and also while i was there i saw a bunch of brown paper bags in the school garden and i don;t know what you do when you see a whole bunch of brown bags placed out as if they might be bulbs waiting for planting, but of course i look in the bags. and take pictures.

 the trail of pictures then indicates that i went out to the slaterville spring to try to fill my water jugs and i know from talking to people that it had been a droughty summer and it was being a droughty fall and although the spring was flowing just fine when i was there on monday today there is no water.

then, on a whim, i decided to go out the the paleontological research institute, otherwise commonly known as the museum of the earth.

you know, i think that probably deserves a post of its own.

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