Tuesday, February 05, 2013

old macdaniels had some nuts

last october i was looking for some geocaches over at the macdaniels nut grove up on cornell plantations. first of all it is way cool that a university has these incredible areas. it's the kind of thing universities with ag schools just have, but that doesn't make them any less cool.

but cornell does a really fabulous job welcoming the public into a lot of these areas so we can not only enjoy what are essentially working parklands, but also see for ourselves the kinds of plants they're working on and learn about it a little ourselves.

so i come over the hill and all of a sudden it's like disneyland for me! there are trails! and plants with labels! and work areas! and - get this- MAPS AND BROCHURES AND INFORMATION KIOSKS!!!!

oh- em -gee, oh- em -gee, right, right? i know!

i am hopping up and down on one foot excited and i sort of forget to look for the caches because i'm too busy going around to EVERY part of the garden and taking pictures and reading EVERYTHING and i'm even somehow pleased to see a handsaw belonging to the professor on the project, like it's a sign of work in progress and he might be back at any minute.

and now i'm looking at their website and i notice they have a link to the UVM extension service which is fun because i live very near a UVM research forest and there's also a link to a lovely little map of noertheastern mushroom growers, which makes me think i will grow those mushrooms i got for my birthday.

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