Sunday, February 10, 2013

nashville road

some of my internet friends live in places with flat landscapes, and i keep wanting to show them the drive out nashville road, which is more or less how you get to my house. i live at the edge of a long high flatland that sits right at the foot of bolton mountain. of course, i'm defining "long flatland" in the way that vermont hill framers define it, and not the way, say kansans do.

because out on the praire a five mile stretch without a mountain in it wouldn't be remarkable.

anyway, this is the trip out nashville road. about halfway through the video you'll see a half dozen houses together. that's nashville.

when you get to the stop sign, that's downtown west bolton.

in real life the trip takes about six, but through the magic of video, it's timelapsed just a little.

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