Friday, February 15, 2013

tow truck

last friday i went out in the fizzard.

the storm itself was a great disappointment because, quite frankly, i'm just not happy unless there's a couple of feet of snow coming down.

and there wasn't more than six or eight inches here, which is TOTALLY UNFAIR.

but it was enough friday for the roads to be bad on account of all the wind and the drifting. it was two-handed-pay-attention driving, and even then you needed to be a little lucky.

on my way out to go geocaching i got stuck behind traffic while a tow truck pulled a blue car off of a pond.

i say "off of" because happily the pond was frozen enough that the car did not sink in. the guys has sailed off the road in most dramatic fashion, though, and was down there pretty good.

and the AWESOME thing was that when they got him towed out he just got int the car and drove it away. it didn't even look like it had a scratch on it.

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