Saturday, February 16, 2013

does it make a noise?

last saturday morning i had to go into town to see my mechanic because my car was making a worrying long digital beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep that was coming from under the hood but not apparently related to anything and if you go out to the garage right now you will hear the sound right up until the point you turn the car on or even get in, because the sound is best heard some feet off the port bow.

when the car is off.

of course i made this noise in the mechanic's parking lot and then mysteriously stopped making the noise as soon as they had it on the lift. so we took it back out to the parking lot to have a listen.


and i got it home.


next day? it's baaaaaack. tomorrow i will probably bring it back to the mechanic.

anyway, it was COLD saturday morning. and of course i had to go out and find a geocache, but there was one conveniently located in the woods behind my mechanic, so i went there.

and near the geocache was one of those many trunk trees and it was making the most cool cracking noises. so i thought: i should put my camera in there and record that.

so i did.

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