Wednesday, February 20, 2013

giant love

on the 40th of bruise, in the year 25 somebody discovered that if you went to a giant's shrine and said you loved the giant, the giant would declare love for you in return.

it was kind of like that night near the end when pot came on and said he's like a sandwich and i fell all over myself getting to the nearest pot shrine to bring him sandwiches, not even knowing what he wanted with them but just knowing that he felt like a sandwich, so i ran as fast as i could and started throwing sandwiches in.

it turned out that he was only preparing to announce the rollout of the new recipes, but dozens of us, it turned out, had run to pot's shrines all over the world just to bring him sandwiches.

and none of us regretted the loss of the sandwiches.

pot loved us.

so on this night i got it into my heat to go to a shrine of each giant and tell them i loved them. later on i learned that dozens upon dozens of us did the same, all over the world.

i went to shrines to my giants in groddle meadow, because i was first imagined in groddle meadow and i wanted to be there instead of the savanas or highlands or caves, no matter how lovely those places were.

i lived in groddle meadow.

anyway, i'm still digging out the snaps and videos of that beautiful little world. and today i've gotten to the day i went to the giants and told them i that i loved them.

love them.

i still do.

so here are three videos of the same thing:

this one is a little walk along the street and the giant conversations, without much else.

this one is just the giants:

and for you hardcores, nearly all of the footage. i wouldn't have bothered, but i know some of you are homesick.

1 comment:

Ari said...

Homesick yes. So nice to see moving video, I only have still pictures. Thank you for showing.

-Lorian (missing Ur)


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