Saturday, February 23, 2013

instant snow

last month, on the morning of 24 january, it was fifteen degrees below zero here. while that's not so terribly unusual, i had been seeing a lot of youtube videos where people throw boiling water into the cold air to watch it instantly poof into snow.

and you know how i love snow.

and home science experiments.

so i got up in the morning and boiled me a big pot o' water to carry outside to throw into the air.

i was not fully pleased with the results. while fifteen below zero (-26 c) is reported to be plenty cold to do this, only most of the water in my pot poofed into snow. some of it fell as water to the ground.

i am guessing that if i had used a smaller sample of water, or let it fall a greater distance, or if it had been colder out i may have gotten a more dramatic result.

but still it was fun.

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