Thursday, February 21, 2013

notes from the glitch diaspora: fleck

i've been playing a little game called fleck.

what i like about it is that is is played on real-world maps, and i have chosen to place my little fleck house and garden near my real life home, expect pretty close to the bouse i'd buy id i could live anywhere and money were no object.

so it's kind of cool to place my imaginary trees and flowers on my real life landscape, although i wish the game offered me more opportunities to plant birches and maples and pines where i live, instead of peaches and oranges and bodhi trees.

game play is basically this: you plant things and prune or harvest them and you have to water them unless it's raining (the game has a cool live weather feature) and while you're tending them, zombie plants spring up which then have to be killed.

so it's cute cartoon gardening with large weapons and a lot of shooting.

plus if you're not there to water your plants they will die, which kind of sucks because those plants either cost you ingame money you earned by harvesting or by killing zombies, or they cost you real life money.

some people buy objects in this game for real life money; don't ask me why.

there is a lot of cooperative killing of zombies, but even though all the areas are public except for your backyard, most players seem to feel entitled to claim public areas and chase out interlopers.

the weird thing is that there's a game-wide veneer of a culture of happy-shiny cooperativeness, but mostly it's about me-mine and GET OUT. unless i need help, in which case you'd better come equipped with special features you paid cash money for so we can all get better drops and collect ALL THE IMAGINARY THINGS.

short version: i like the maps and the weather, and the ability to play on my real life landscape.

everything else is kind of a snooze.

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