Monday, February 18, 2013

election day 2012

well, no. this isn't very timely.

next question?

it's not an election analysis, either, nor is it a political piece.

if you'd like to know what i said about it back then, you can read that here.

what this is is an account of how i spent election day, because i was going through my pictures from election day and it turns out i have a collection of stuff.

first thing in the morning, apparently, i took a picture of a pair of popovers that i have had sitting in a ziploc bag since last may. i don't have pictures to show you of that yet, because i took pictures of the progression of that and don't want to get ahead of myself here.

then i got my stuff together to do a little light geocaching.

i took the liberty of putting together the pictures from that into a nice little flickr set that you can view here, but you should be cautioned that there is a spoiler image for one of the caches.

i found three caches, went to vote, and then found two more caches. my town clerk (on the left in the photo) gave me permission to take that picture in the polling place, which was otherwise deserted.

while i was looking for the last geocache, i saw an interesting drill hole through a rock and decided to play with depth of field and because that sort of thing is interesting to me, i am making all those pictures available to you.

then i took a pretty picture from my desk,

worked on a project,

and watched election returns.

you know the rest.

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